Bush Whacking

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What a difference  a wind makes! It has been a busy day around here. I started off by taking some friends to meet the Black River Farm donkeys … and their human parents. 😉 They have a large old stone foundation barn that was lovely and cool. Those donkeys know that is the place to hang out when you are trying to avoid biting flies. They were very cuddly today and happy to have human visitors. This afternoon I worked away in our cool study on the Parham Fair book. Fun to see another year’s plans coming together! Hope to have it printed and online by next week. But the best part of the day so far … being able to go for a walk with the jennies. There was such a great breeze coming from the northwest. It made the backside of the woods a beautiful place to watch the sunset (if you were human) and eat up delicious new leaves (if you were equine). 😉 A perfect evening. Enjoy the wind with us … video clip below.


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