A lovely day to wander in the woods. The trillium are turning purple already. Seems they just bloomed. There are little flowers peeking out from under fallen leaves and sprouting on tiny shoots. The leaves are still in their miniature stage which seems to mean more breezes up there and less bugs. I sure loved when I turned back to see Rosie scrambling up one of the rock hill faces … like a mountain goat. They do love to graze up there. We had company. ‘Woody’ shows up every spring in these parts. This year though, he seems to be settling into the donkey woods. Earlier on I mistook him for a raven when he flew past me almost within reach. Only when I caught the flash of red did I wait and watch for a closer look. Then at the end of the afternoon he seemed to follow us all back into the woods and then even down into the paddock. I wonder which donkey has made friends with him?

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