In the sunny, sunny month of May …

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… I was taken by surprise by a pair of big brown eyes … in the sunny, sunny month of May!  What a beautiful day! Long, lazy, full of surprises day. Today we had the first successful run with our generator and the GenLock (that allows us to have the generator plugged directly into our house hydro panel). The power was scheduled to go off early this morning … and when it did … voila! We were back in business within minutes. Sure is nice to have checked that out on a mild spring day. That will make that freezing January ice storm day next year just a little less traumatic! I had the chance to work with Leslie Cronk on her website Long Lake Ranch . They sure have a beautiful place to call home. They have a thousand acres of land for their horses to roam (and anyone else’s horses who are boarded there) and a big, beautiful, clean lake to dive into when their rides are done. They rent cottages too! So if you are looking for a place to take the family for a summer holiday – check them out. I’ve had time to hang out with the donk-a-lonks, take some pictures of the GREEN that is our yard and garden, and extra time to dive into the book I am devouring (Stephen King’s “The Stand”). Hope your long weekend started out just jim-dandy too! (Wouldn’t it be fun to be Jim Dandy!) 😉

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