Darby is Chilling Out


Over much of the past year Darby has been so busy ‘being in charge’ that it has been difficult to get in much cuddle time. Something has clicked for her lately … She seems more relaxed and much more interested in making sure she gets cuddle time, brushing time, ear scratch time … people time. I’m not sure if it is an ‘age thing’ … she is now going to be turning four this summer. Or a stage thing … she is definitely top donkey now. Or even a herd dynamic in that Bella has just come into her own over the past year and is especially very demanding of people time. Bella’s language could not be more clear when she wraps herself around me and raises her chin at the others to say ‘SHE’S ALL MINE!’ Darby is always interested in what the others consider ‘good’ – ‘good food’ – ‘good stick’ – ‘good place to dig’ … ‘good person to cuddle with’. 😉 It all boils down to some very nice Wendy-Darby time. She patiently moves herself around to make sure I scratch in all the right places. Yesterday she gave me such a warm tight donkey hug it made me giggle. I’m glad that she is feeling she can relax a little more and not have to spend all of her time managing what the others are doing.

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