Donkey Toys


Oh … oh! I had to run some errands today … on my own! That meant I escaped into stores that were not on my list and came home with surprises!  😉 I have about four days of new toys to introduce to the donkey playground. Tonight we started with the cloth frisbee. What a hoot watching them try to figure it out. Bella certainly rules the paddock now as the ‘terrible two’ on the lot. Poor Darby was really nonplussed that she couldn’t get the new toy away from Bella. I also stopped at Value Village. Do they have one of those where you live? A second hand store that beats ALL!! It is HUGE! I had dropped in some housewares and then decided to take a look at some spring/fall jackets. Hence the new ‘orange look’. I think that will have to be my ‘Carrot Coat’! 😉 It even ended up matching my duck boots. How stylish. Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

2 comments on “Donkey Toys”

  1. Orange is the new black in Meadow Couture 🙂 stylish indeed. Eagerly awaiting the new toys along with the Donk-a-Lonks. Laura

    1. I’m wondering after poor Darby’s response last night about my plan to spread them out. I think perhaps filling the toy bin (black bucket swinging on the playground) would be the better option. Than she and Bella don’t have to compete for the new item. I wouldn’t be surprised if when I get outside this morning I’ll find the frisbee cut to pieces. Darby knows how to vent her frustrations! 😉

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