Don’t You Love a Lazy Sunday?


This has been a great kick around home day. Although I started off running off copies of our Little Theatre video I was able to scoot outside for the entire afternoon. I didn’t even have to stick to the usual chores. With time on my side I could eyeball the paddocks and the woods and putter away at whatever jobs pulled on my pant leg. The donkeys just followed along. I love when they do that. We wound up the afternoon in the back paddock. Paco slipped into the hay barn (to help ‘hoover’ up the grain on the floor) while I sat on the water bucket turned upside down to keep the jennies at bay. They had lots to eat in their freshly filled hay bins. He caught my eye a number of times and I swear he said ‘thank you’ in his own way. My heart strings are seriously tied to his. Such a gentle soul. Hope you got to spend today with some of your favourite creatures too!

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