It is a good thing some rain is coming tomorrow to help to temper my spring cleaning fit!! I’m zonked! We hung the first laundry of the season outside – mmmmm – smells like fresh clean air! And then I somehow found myself vacuuming (yep – still crazy for the vacuumed clean feeling) the Bully Barn! There were so many cobwebs and a thick THICK layer of fine dust everywhere. I took out the shop vac –  filled a bucket with some lemony clean smelling soap – and went up and down and up and down that ladder. I got to every rafter and nook and cranny. You know something though … when you clean a barn … and stop and look at it after you’re done. There isn’t the same sense of ‘sparkle’ that you can notice in a ‘human house’. 😉 But I KNOW it is clean. Then I needed to dig out the ‘summer doors’ and the ‘winter door’. I can totally see how one city can get buried by the next … It is amazing how much soil, wood chips, gravel … can accumulate beside any barn door. The summer doors face the north. They are now open. The winter door faces the southwest – and it is now closed. That makes for a well shaded barn to hide from the summer bugs. The next step was to take the fan apart and clean it. I had to grasp a brush extension for another vacuum onto the shop vac hose. I carefully removed all the screws – took off the shields – washed both sides of the fan – vacuumed up all the dust and dirt – brushed the shield grids – carefully replaced all of the screws – gave it one more wash down with the cleaner … and then realized that some critter (much smaller than a donkey) had chewed through the plug cord over the winter. Acckkkk! Not to fear – I took it to my electrician – educated in the Fry School of Fix It – and we’re back in business. I’ve got to go lay down! 😉

2 comments on “Zonked”

  1. A woman after my own heart. Everything for human and animals has to be clean!
    Love ya , Barb

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