Black River Donkeys


I had a wonderful day visiting with my pal, Elsie, and her herd. We can certainly talk a day away! It is so interesting spending time with some other donkeys. There is a manner … a nature that donkeys have that is very similar. So much of their language is somehow the same – even in different herds. I like being able to see how Elsie cares for her fur babies. There are always new tips to pick up. On the way there and home again I took the scenic route through Marlbank and Tweed. Spring is certainly making itself felt. I even discovered a pair of nesting swans on one of the marshes down our road. Wow!

2 comments on “Black River Donkeys”

    1. Hi Anne. They really are. Donkeys are thinkers. People who don’t know them well think of them as stubborn. What really is going on is that you have to let a donkey decide to do something when they know it is safe. They are incredibly social creatures – very cuddly!

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