Where do you write?


One of my favourite stopping points each morning is thekitchensgarden. Celi Gunther writes a great blog about her adventures raising and growing her own food on a small American farm. Celi has also edited a collection of pieces contributed by her readers into a book called “Letters to My Little Sister”. A great read! She has a plan in the works for another such adventure this time “Letters to My Daughter”. Today Celi has invited her readers to share the places where they write. Hence I’m linking this post back to her blog as well.

I love spending part of my afternoons perched on my rolling desk chair switching between my two work desks. One is more for computer work and video editing and photography work. The second desk is my reading/writing/notemaking desk. I’ve had to put down office mats between my two desks so I don’t wear a path right through our flooring. πŸ™‚

Each afternoon Edie usually is tapping away at her computer across the room. Or she might be stretched out on the couch there reading or cheering on her favourite sports teams – Go Jays! Go Raptors!

Teddy and Rufus also have their favourite spots to curl up in. They tend to sleep the afternoon away but are very attentive to a computer being shut down or someone trying to sneak out of the room without them.

Out the window we can enjoy the birds in the front yard, keep an eye on the laneway and if we look to the east we can catch sight of the donkeys when they are in the front paddock. Although, they are usually down there on sunny mild days … neither of which today is!

Where do you write?


14 comments on “Where do you write?”

    1. Hi Anne. I just discovered your blog. I love all of your tips and your projects. I have signed up to receive your posts by email. Leave it to Celi to link us all up all around the world!

  1. Love your work spots! A great view too, even if it does look rather cold and wintery to this tropical Australian! My seat is very comfortable, if I had a rolling chair I’d never, ever get up, which would be a Bad Thing…

    1. It looks cold and wintry to this Canadian too! πŸ˜‰ Our weather is supposed to take a turn this week – warm temperatures ARE on the way … and so are the biting bugs. See – we have such a mixed response to the spring. Sunshine – warmth – YES! Mosquitoes, blackflies, deer flies … NO!!!!! (Although the birds that depend on them are nice.) Thanks for dropping by.

  2. A lovely welcoming work room with actual space, and so tidy. My favourite is the sight of your cozy cats. Those rolling chairs are a mixed blessing. I’m terrified of sitting down and the chair rolling away, so that I destroy yet more vertebrae by landing on the floor! I hold on tightly when I sit down!

  3. What a lovely, interesting space. I love that it offers a view and cats. I have been considering an office mat… at the moment I have a rug to protect the floor. Perhaps when I get more time to spend at my desk, I will need to πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful view. When I had a fixed desk and PC, I faced the wall and the window was behind me. Not good. Now with the laptop and movable table I can position it so I have a view to the outside world from any room..

  5. Now, that is a cozy space and a great view out the window. A cat to provide inspiration and it’s all good. Love the desk. I had one once upon a time. Left it behind. 😦

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