Making Lunches

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Aha! We didn’t get the rain! On the minus side that meant the snow stayed on the ground until this afternoon. On the plus side that meant the puddles didn’t get much bigger in the lower paddock. 8) The herd helped me clean up both hay barns and dry out the hay bags. Then we stuffed them full. That means there is tasty fresh hay keeping the donkeys happy tonight and new bags all ready to put out again tomorrow morning.

I got out the … ‘purple spray’ this afternoon for Bella. She had some kind of bites in a row on her right side. Earlier in March I discovered them and scratched and then treated them. Now the sores are gone but the skin is very scaly. I hope she hasn’t ended up with some kind of fungus. She is a great patient – doesn’t shy away from the spray at all. So it was easy to apply it to the whole area. I’ll have to keep an eye on that. Using that spray means I have purple fingers for a few days. 😉

Just had a lovely visit with our granddaughters on Facetime. It is such a treat to be able to chat with them and hang out as they walk around their home and their rooms to share the new things going on. They like to get a shot or two of the donkeys out in the paddock and the cats on their chairs here in the study. Funny to see Teddy wondering just where they are when he can hear them so clearly!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Hugs from the Meadow Critters!

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