Kickin’ Around Home


A lovely day to kick around home. Although Winter tried to get a last kick at the can it was a gentle blast. In a few hours the rain will start and the snow will be history. In the meantime the donkeys had a last go at walking on ‘snowheels’. The black squirrel used his fluffy tail as a ‘snowbrella’ and the juncos just plain looked so cute – like little penguins – as they scurried around after sunflower seeds blown from the feeders. I set one computer to work editing videos and then settled into some good reading. A quiet day at the Meadow.

2 comments on “Kickin’ Around Home”

  1. What is all that white stuff doing in the yards again huh? Great montage again today. Winter has arrived here, went down to 10C overnight (why did you fall off your chair laughing?) so hopefully summer will move on up to you all. 🙂 Laura

    1. Hmmm … I hope you were able to pull out your down coats and fuzzy hats! 😉 The rain skipped us last night … so that darn white stuff is still out there. The donks are NOT impressed.

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