Day: April 4, 2016

Soothing the Monster

I had to feel for Darby today. This morning as I came along the Bully Road I discovered she had Bella and Rosie trapped in the Condo and was just heading to give Paco a piece of her mind (or hooves) as well. She glanced in my direction and did her “Oh *(*^%! I’ve been caught…” look. I am the only one who outranks Darby in this herd. And she knows I do not countenance her bullying of the other three. As I raised my eyebrows and pointed a finger in her direction she started to aim the ‘Bite Me’ move at me … but then thought better of it and instead went to mope behind the barn. I’ve come to know Darby’s heat cycles very well – as the rest of the herd have too! But I know she needs some real fussing over to help her out of her funk. After making sure the ‘Littles’ were freed from the barn I then spent a good chunk of time scratching Darby’s ears, and shoulders and of course, her butt. 😉 She needs lots of gentle talking and reassuring. That brought a little peace to the paddock for a while. But I am certain that throughout the day the other three have been running avoidance tactics. Ahhh… Mr. Moon. What havoc you have wrought!