Monday, Monday

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Lots of colour inside today … but pretty grey outside. That’s okay, it is a spring grey! Once again the donkeys pretty much fended for themselves in the morning. They had lots of hay in their barns and they just chewed away and watched the rain come down. By early afternoon I think they had ‘barn fever’ and decided rain or no rain they were going to hang out in the front paddock and explore the hilltop. I puttered away at my desk getting some fair work done and writing some letters and continued catching episodes of the 4400 on Netflix. I remember years ago now my brother telling me that television would evolve into our choosing shows whenever we wanted them … that they’d just ‘be there’ through our cable or internet and we’d be able to watch a whole season in one go if we wanted. (He also told me I’d be reading books on my computer … which I found incredulous! I’d better start listening more to him!) The rain stopped for a while and I slipped out to do some ‘scooping’ and indulged myself in some good donkey scratches and scrunchies. (Gary and Sue, EVERY day I get to spend with Rosie that way I send thank you’s your way.) Meanwhile, the inside garden decided to put on some colour to brighten things up. Tomorrow we get another dose of sunshine. I’m going to find it hard to come inside at all!

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