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Just as I was finishing up the chores the sun dropped below the clouds – est voila! Sparkles! We really dodged the bullet here. The other end of Ontario was not so lucky. When I talked with my sister this morning Hydro was predicting that their power might be back on by 11 pm TOMORROW. Ouch! The donkeys stuck close to the barns again today. By mid-afternoon I noticed they braved the Bully Road and were checking out the front paddock. I don’t think they much liked the feeling of their hooves breaking through the ice where ever they walked… While Darby and Bella explored Rosie and Paco wrestled for my attention. They both decided they wanted the ice scratched out of their coats. It is nice to see Paco vying for attention. He will now nudge a jenny out of the way or creep up behind me to get me to surreptitiously scratch him where they won’t notice. We both keep an eye out for Darby. Much of the time she gets very jealous if she catches me paying lots of attention to Paco. It isn’t that she wants me to pay attention to her … she wants Paco’s undivided attention! Hope your weekend includes power!

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