Gramma Camp – March Break Style – Day 3

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Hello Everyone!
It’s been another busy day around here. We started off the morning making ‘Witches Brew Pancakes’. Kyla had a special incantation that she applied to our efforts. We’ve got all kinds of ideas about just what magic that wrought … We took Spirograph for a tour and then we realized there were some very hungry donkeys waiting for our attention.

While Gramma Wen cleaned out one of the barns Kyla took a turn at being the photographer. She seems to be a Selfie Expert! Somehow she even got the donkeys to look at the camera too … although it seemed only Kyla was willing to do ‘Duck Lips’. 😉

Yesterday we had made plans to revamp the donkey playground for the 2016 season. We were puzzling over how to provide some extra shade for Bella when Kyla came up with a great idea – a wooden curtain! We set about collecting what we needed and then set to work. Kyla is an expert with a drill. We were some pleased to look out at dinner time to see our trellis worked – it got the donkey seal of approval.

Gramma Ede and Lexi noticed that one of the legs needed reinforcement. Turns out our kindergartener is also a great tools kid. (No surprise actually when you look back two years to her three year old self drilling holes in the bridge the girls built with their dad in the front paddock .)

Lexi pointed out that the structure also provided a great playhouse for humans.

Just as we were finishing up we had some great company drop in! The girls were tickled to be able to give their big cousins a tour of The Meadow – donkeys, barns, woods, playground and all the great secret hiding places in the house. We had a great visit over grilled cheese sandwiches and lots of delicious chocolate chips cookies!

At five o’clock Gramma Ede came back outside to drag Kyla and Gramma Wen in. They were out for six hours today! There was another construction job needing attention. We had a ‘Kitty Condo’ to build and decorate for Teddy and Rufus. Phew!

We are now all curled up on the couch watching a movie before we flop into our beds. These first full days of spring sunshine and fresh air do wonders for making a person ready for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s! Hope you sleep well too!

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