The Girls Are Back


March Break … and the girls are back. It sure seems like a long time between last summer and now! A lot of growing up has happened in between! It takes Teddy a few minutes to realize just who these two people are … and then he is hot on their heels asking for a good rub down. The donkeys also had to check twice. I think Lexi is about the size now that Kyla was when Paco first met her. Just like with Teddy though it only takes a few minutes before he and the jennies figure out that ‘the girls are back’! As I was getting the carrots ready I could hear the paddock gate rattle … sure enough as I peeked through the garage window there was Kyla climbing over the top – and the donkeys very curious about how she was managing that! 😉 I think one of my favourite images of the day was Lexi with Rosie and Bella eating their treats out of her hands. She was tucked right in there – confident – and gentle – and happy to be in the middle of it all. We also found the proverbial spring puddle … just how high are your boots girls? “Good thing we have a boot dryer Gramma! We don’t have to worry about how wet we get.” Ha! It was also great fun to present them each with their own ‘donkey stuffie’ that I learned to crochet this winter. It has been hard to keep them a secret!!

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