Day: March 15, 2016


Wow … that was one dreary day. It had a rather amusing start though. We looked out just after breakfast to find all four donkeys with their noses pushed right up to the fence line … only feet away from the big scoop of a giant tractor! Hydro is replacing the poles along our road – one of which sits up against the paddock fencing. All of our herd became inured to the havoc of big machines moving earth when the road was redone two years ago. They are now ‘Monster Truck’ fans!
March 1501
It was especially good because today was devoid of entertainment … or so I was told in umpteen ways. The rain came in later in the morning. Darby decided they were all going to stand out in it all in case they missed some of the action by retreating to the barns in the back paddock. Sure enough, the digging went on … and there … water dripping from their bangs and running through their eyes were the four fans. Cheering the workers on and hoping for some big mudslides or rolling boulders to add a little excitement. I’m kicking myself for not getting some pictures of all of that.

When I diMarch 1505d get out again I met up with the herd in the back paddock. My daily ritual of bringing out an afternoon treat of carrots had Darby herding them all back at four o’clock on the dot. She can read time without a watch. While the donkeys munched away I indulged myself with a few ‘camel angle shots’. Gotta love Rosie’s photo bomb of Bella!! Ha! Especially knowing that she (Rosie) had not yet finished her bowl. I’m not quite sure what she thought I was doing.

She was game to check it out. Both Rosie and Bella had found the time to roll in the wood chips. If they get wet – that is their first solution. I can’t really figure how it makes things all that more comfortable?
March 1502

I’ve been spending lots of time working the tiniest fragments of wood chips out of Rosie’s fur. I dig down deep and scratch and she purrs and loves it all. Maybe that is why they keep going back to roll in more … She looks quite lovely when the curry comb has smoothed most of it out of her hair. Do donkeys have hair … or fur…? Hmmmm….

When Rosie perks her ears up and raises her head she gets her ‘Shrek Look’ on. 😉





Do you remember my writing about LB and her kitten, Furbie? They appeared in our yard last summer, wild as can be, but very hungry and needing some help.

I Spy6

I heard great news from their adoptive mom today. They are now known as Moon (LB) and Leo (Furbie). Today Leo curled up and let himself be petted and cooed over and cuddled!! That is a BIG step! They have been taken in by a couple who have worked with feral animals in the past and have a lot of patience and time to gently bring them to the point where they are feeling safe and comfortable in their home. So great to know, especially on dreary days like today, that they are safe, inside, warm and content. Thanks Susie for keeping us in the loop!

March 1504
Ahem … as Rosie and Bella would say … get back to their day! 😉 We’re looking forward to some company here too. Gramma Camp – March Break style – begins tomorrow! There are lots of little jobs needing some attention that our Junior Donkey Whisperers will be able to help with. One being taking extra time to comb the wood chips out of Bella’s coat!
March 1503
Notice Bella’s photo bomb revenge. Ha! Hope you’ve stayed warm and cozy today. All this rain will go a long way to bringing on those spring flowers. Out tulips decided to stick their heads out of the garden today!