Day: March 13, 2016

The Littles

Mar 1306
Bella and Rosie are both miniature donkeys. They are also darker than Paco and Darby. That means that on these sunny spring days they are especially prone to the wiles of the new warm sunshine. When the others are looking for a spot out of the wind … Bella will find the spot in the wind. Today that meant she got the hay bed while everyone else was tucked in out of the east wind on the hillside.
Mar 1301
Rosie’s strategy seems to be to shed – and shed often! Today she and I spent an entire hour just brushing and scratching and visiting. She patiently moves herself around – putting just the right spot in reach of my fingers.
Mar 1302
We returned the ‘salon bench’ back to the paddock yesterday. That means in the afternoons I plunk myself down and my pals keep an eye out for when there is an opening. Then one at a time they take their turn being brushed and fussed over.
Mar 1303
Rosie even gets a smile on her face. She just loves to loll there while I give her a good masasage. I’m watching out for ticks again too. So I’m happy to have my fingers deep into her fur to check for any of those darn biters…
Mar 1304
After Bella gets brushed she literally seems to sleep walk. When it was time for me to head in she followed me to the fence looking for a goodnight treat. Can you see that her eyes have just stayed closed!
Mar 1305
Only the sound of possible competition for any handouts brings her back to being alert! Such a lovely day to spend time outside. We’re in for a rainy week. So we enjoyed every bit of that loveliness!