Mar 901Mar 902Mar 903Mar 904Hmmm … I was explaining to Rosie that humans prefer their homes on waterfront. She, however, was still not impressed with the rapids running through the ‘Donkey Garden’ – alongside the back paddock. She was impressed when the water was only an inch below the tops of my big workboots as I dug a canal to speed up the runoff. 😉

2 comments on “Rapids”

  1. Wow, rapids indeed. You’d think the snow would have figured out how to ‘evaporate’ by now 🙂 Laura

    1. Even we old seasoned Canadians were wowed this morning. When we looked out the sky was thick with fog … and the hillside was bare! Just yesterday I was up in the woods there walking in snow above my ankles. It’s happening … phew!

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