Mar 704
It is easier to have patience … when you have more time. A bit ironic isn’t it? 😉 Yesterday I used the pick axe to begin digging out some ‘waterways’ to drain the back paddock. Being on the north side of the house it doesn’t get the same sunshine as the front paddock. It was satisfying work – whacking ice out of the way – being ahead of the melt. I did stop myself though and thought about it. Making a small trench – good idea. Hammering away to make a big trench … one more day was going to bring much warmer temperatures.
Mar 703
Sure enough. This afternoon my little shovel was all that was required to lift the softening ice. And I’m still ahead of the melt. It was so warm out there today that there was a mist over the fields and the woods … the snow was sublimating. Like that word? It was going straight from solid ice to foggy clouds. Now that would be a gift of a melt … totally lifting that ice and snow straight up into the air …
Mar 702
Oh … wait. There is the small matter of the hay field and the gardens and the creek. They need their share of the melt too. I will try to remind myself of that when I’m digging trenches in the paddock gravel to direct the flow off the field around the barns.
Mar 701
See Paco’s idea? He wasn’t sent to stand in the corner by Darby … No, he figured out that if he stood exactly so he was getting cooled down by a little drip off the eaves trough of the hay barn. We are all loving that sound … trickling … running water. Hurray!

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