That Spring Feeling

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Mar 602
We sure loved that sunshine today. Warmer … brighter … lasted longer.  I think I might have heard a Robin chuckling out there this morning. Didn’t see him … When I’m working outside I realize as I hear birds sing I register who it is. I figure that Robin was laughing at his folly … no use inviting the girls to catch up yet! As the paddock was melting free of snow I noticed the crow raiding the grain in the piles of hay. Then noticed Bella following, following, following … until the crabby crow had to fly up into the ironwoods to complain.
Mar 601
Rosie and I tend to meet up in the Bully Barn when the last of the sun is shining in the door. I have a little perch just inside the door. She moves her body around … making sure I get to all of her itchy spots. I’ve figured out that I can scratch right down to her skin to loosen up little wood chips and then use the curry comb to brush them away. Spring must be coming … she sure is shedding! We’ve got a week of rainy days coming up. Rainy days with double digit celsius temperatures. I started digging trenches in the back paddock this afternoon. Bring on the melt!

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