Mar 11
Hmmm … when I got home Sunday evening Ede pointed out to me that the donkeys had developed a real taste for the bench seat in our Bully. She took the time Monday morning to take the seat off, bring it inside and patch it up. Satisfied that the thick tape job would do the trick we blithely parked it leaving enough space for the donkeys to slide in beside it. That spot is a favourite ‘time out’ stall for either Darby or Rosie when they crave some alone time. Seems they can’t get through the thick tape … yeah! Oh … seems they CAN reach past it. 8(
Mar 15
Not sure just how effective this little set up will be. For tonight I have secured two rakes into the undercarriage of the Bully and woven them through the wire on the side wall of the garage. I wonder how little time it will take Darby to figure out how to remove the obstacle and get back to her munching …?
Mar 14
We’re keeping an eye on the weather tonight. Although we’ll be getting a respectable amount of snow … the 51 cm of last week’s storm make this one seem quite tame. (Famous last words perhaps?) I cleared as many of the BIG fallen branches from the Bully Road and the paddocks as I could. They can be such rude surprises when I’m dragging the plow along.
Mar 12
The herd and I worked together to fill hay bags for the barns tonight and for an early breakfast. They’re so helpful… Paco and Bella take on the job of knocking down the outer layers of hay for me to fork into bags. Rosie and Darby separate the grain from the stalks so there isn’t so much ‘dust’ for me to clean up. Seriously though … I do love working away at jobs that put me in the middle of this group of creatures. There is something very soothing about the sound of their munching on the hay. And their occasional glances where they lock eyes with me to check if I am asking them to move yet. It is wonderful to know these guys so well … and to know that they know me.
Mar 13
As I came in the snow was starting to blow in – the wind had veered to the east – and the donkeys decided to take their now snowy ears into the barns. They are all tucked in safely ready to ride out another blast. Sleep well donk-a-lonk buddies!

And you too out there! It is March. And March 20th is the first day of Spring!

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