Ice Storm Remnants

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We dodged a bullet … it did not continue to snow and rain today. Phew!

The donkeys waited for me … all huddled in their barns. I assumed that meant it was still raining. When I got outside I realized it was a totally different matter. The slight breeze was causing the trees to crackle like it was pouring rain with lightning cracks! I delivered fresh hay and salted the Bully Road. That lured everyone out. Ede got a good laugh from the kitchen window as she watched me spreading salt on the path and tossing branches out of the way … while behind me the donkeys came along to gobble up all the tasty road salt! They were a bit frightened to follow me back. The wind came up a little and the noise came up a lot! I’ve attached a video clip below to let you see and hear what is was like when we came back. It is NOT raining at all – that sound is the ice falling off of the trees. Stay safe out there!


1 comments on “Ice Storm Remnants”

  1. So pretty …. winter wonderland but so scary. Poor kids 🙂 Hope the sun comes soon, we could do with a bit of a break from it too 🙂 Laura

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