It’s Coming Down!


It is raining ‘Jacks and Jennies’ out there! We’ve had a bit of everything so far – weatherwise. We started off with light snow – then heavy snow – then drizzle – then freezing rain – and now pouring rain. Hopefully it will not work its way back through in reverse order. The donkeys LOVE to see me coming out to keep them company. Rosie and I hung out for a good long time on our own in the Condo. I spent a while with all four in the bully Barn. And at one point Bella decided to lay down in my lap … IN MY LAP!! She’s never done that before. Dropped right down and pushed her head into my arms for some ear strokes and decided to nestle in. The funny thing was we were smack in the middle of the other three in the Bully Barn. I’ve left them with dry bedding and fresh hay and keep checking our nanny cam to see that everyone is inside and drying off. Hope you are staying dry in your cozy digs too.

2 comments on “It’s Coming Down!”

    1. Thanks Laura! I’ll carry your warm wishes in my good luck pocket today. The freezing rain has stopped. The trees are heavy with ice. Hopefully it will slough off during the day before tonight’s deep freeze settles in. Fingers crossed!

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