My Guy


Feb 218
Not a lot of creatures have wandered into my life of their own accord. Two … if I’m counting. Paco is the biggest. I’d never met a horse or donkey as a friend before. Sure, I’d seen them. I think I’d seen a donkey before Paco … can’t remember where … but surely?
Feb 216
I am so glad that he ambled over to the fence of his former field to say hello and to mooch some fresh pulled grass. Before I knew it I had crawled through his fence and was the mooch myself – mooching lovely Paco cuddles. We became great friends. I looked out for him – and he for me. I’d bring him carrots, go for walks in the woods and the BIG fields he had access to. I could hear him calling if he saw me walking in the village below his hill.
Feb 217
Now we get to live at the same place. I LOVE that when I step outside our door he is there. He knows he has a special place in my heart. We have our secret signals that allow him to get the odd solo treat if he can get away from his jennies. 😉 He knows hand signals for ‘come here’ and ‘treats are in my pocket’ and ‘give me your hoof’ and ‘ear scratch?’. I know his signals for ‘ear scratch please’ and ‘come here’ and ‘give me your hand’… Hmmm… funny how those match up! Ha!
Feb 215
As far as I’m concerned … when the powers that be moved to create donkeys they created a masterpiece!

8 comments on “My Guy”

  1. I truly believe that an animal that has been shown random kindness never forgets and will always give back tenfold to that person. We had a huge storm here and got hit by lightening, so power and internet have been down a couple of days. All caught up now 🙂 Laura

      1. Nothing at all strangely …. a palm tree in neighbouring complex took the direct hit and burst into fire. Flieng burning debri took out overhead power lines but our connection boards to units are all heavily protected with resistors and they all worked thankfully. So repairs to overhead cable and a few fuses and we were in business again.. Laura

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