Thank You Texas!

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Feb 16 (6)Yesterday I mentioned our iPad Weather Ap (Meteo Group’s Weather Pro). And as I said, it sits on our kitchen table. This morning as we sat down to our granola we looked up in time to see the screen refresh and change the expected 30 cm to … Can you see it? It reads 65.6 mm (which in snow is 65.6 cm)!!!! We looked at each other and laughed – it couldn’t be serious!?
Feb 16 (2)
I figured I had better get into plowing mode ASAP. So by nine thirty we found ourselves outside. This was the view from one of the barns AFTER I finished up plowing for four hours! You can’t really tell that I’d been there … can you? Good thing I was. I cannot imagine how I would tackle this snow, plus the amount still coming on top of the amount I already plowed. I think it would be safe to say there was already 30 cm of fresh snow on the ground when we went out. By this time I had done this paddock, the hillside road that connects it to the front paddock, the front paddock, the laneway and surrounds of our compost bin (which is ‘next door’) and then our own laneway. I took this shot when I parked the Bully at 2 o’clock. Four hours after I’d already plowed it once.
Feb 16 (3)
Ede took on feeding the birds this morning. She couldn’t resist taking shots of the snow in the air and the Jays coming in so eagerly – trying to get as many peanuts as possible before they got buried on the feeder.

I think the plan will be to let the rest of the snow fall and then tackle it all again … tomorrow? I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist at least plowing the back paddock enough to give the donkeys some area free from knee high snow at four o’clock.
Feb 16 (10)
The other ‘plowing job’ involves the donkeys’ backs! I use a metal curry comb without teeth to clear off their backs. There are three places to get out of the snow … but Rosie likes to stand with her head out the door.
Feb 16 (9)
When I brought out breakfast this is what she already looked like! I’m especially curious about how she is covered on top with snow … and on her hooves with snow … but somehow has snow free legs and belly?
Feb 16 (8)
I know that when I’m working outside I don’t really notice the snow and ice sticking to my hat and balaclava and mitts … Rosie doesn’t seem to be all that aware of how much snow she carries around. When I go to brush it off I think it tickles down through her coat … She will scoot away and I have to do some sweet talking to get the job done.
Feb 16 (7)
Bella had a little bit of a frosting on top. Paco and Darby don’t seem to take on as much of  a coating. Although, having lighter fur can be deceiving.
Feb 16 (4)
I’ve just come in again. Our neighbour just came and used his giant truck and ‘supersized’ plow to push the snow banks back all along our laneway and through to the back paddock. That’s a real boost! NOW I think we’ll just take some time to watch the snow fall.

Stay safe in your neck of the woods!
Meadow Hugs

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