Riding it Out

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Brrrrrrrzzzzzeeee day! Now I remember what that polar vortex wind feels like! We all managed quite well today. The south/lower paddock was sitting at about -10’C when the sun was bright through midday and you were out of the wind.. Every where else … -42’C with the windchill. Ouch! The donkeys know the perfect places to stand to stay out of the wind. I watch them and then haul their feed bins to where they’ve parked for their snooze. I worried about them but each time I checked they were fine. Warm ears – warm donkey. This is the first time this winter I needed all the layers of my winter coat and the layers of two hats. I came back in after working in the barns to dig out the ‘Hand Warmers’ I remembered getting in my Christmas stocking. Now there is an invention I will make sure I stock up on each year. The ones I used heat up as soon as you take them out of the wrapping. I just kept them in my mitts and sometimes tucked them in with my thumbs. I can honestly say I never got cold. When I came inside Ede had a delicious stew simmering on the stove top. I sat cozy on the couch in the sunshine and agreed with the inside garden that indoor sunshine was the best today! I’ve just tucked the donkeys into the barns with bedding hay layered over thick new wood chips. They’re cozy and settling down for the night. Stay warm everyone.

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