Snow Snakes and Surreptitious Squirrels


Feb 10002
Nefarious creatures have taken up residence at the Meadow. There is an unwritten code around here that forbids slithery supple serpentine species from setting up shop …
Feb 10003
Seems sometimes silly snowstorms send sly servants supplying simple steely-eyed snow snakes nonetheless!
Feb 10005
Some slither secretly on swinging steel shafts while others silently sit tight sluggishly sleeping on slippery snowy benches.
Feb 10004
Others spy on surreptitious squirrels stowing nesting sticks under solar panels staring at the sky.
Feb 10001

8 comments on “Snow Snakes and Surreptitious Squirrels”

  1. I’m fascinated by the top photo, how does that happen exactly? Having never experienced snow I love these winter pictures. Love reading about the donkalonks everyday. Laura

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it. The snow falls and makes a ridge on top of the gate railing. Then as it gets warmer it starts to melt and slide a little. Where are you that you don’t have snow? Sometimes my donkeys and I wonder what life would be like without it! šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Laura, we’re eating some delicious grapes from your area of the world this week. I know Bill Ward from South Africa. We grew up in the same Ontario small town as kids. Funny, likely, to say that … I’m sure. Lots of people in South Africa! šŸ˜‰

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