Trading Places

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Feb 6001
At the end of each day I entertain a parade of the jennies through the Bully Barn…
Feb 6002
Tonight Bella managed to skip into the barn before anyone noticed I was there too. That meant Darby and Rosie impatiently paced outside the stall gate … knowing that it ought to have been each of them that should have been first! 😉 We managed a rather smooth switch over to Rosie’s turn.

As soon as I finish with my afternoon chores and park the Bully (jeep) in the garage the girls know it is time for some brushing and rub downs. Very popular brushing and rub downs! If I don’t close the stall gate inevitably someone will get bitten knees (Bella’s fault) or chased out of the barn (Darby’s strategy) in order to keep me to themselves. They know the phrase ‘Rosie’s turn’, or ‘Bella’s turn’ or ‘Darby’s turn’ and will come when I call them. Tonight though … Bella and Darby never gave up trying to get through the gate. I think Rosie thoroughly enjoyed that state of affairs! 😉

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