Month: February 2016

Family Time

Feb 297
This past weekend I travelled to Woodstock to a family gathering. We were celebrating my niece’s ‘Big 30’ birthday. My brother, Len, and I caught the train in Kingston and had hours of great visiting as we rode the rails. Len is the champion Techie in our family.
Feb 291
Spending time with him is a great ‘play date’! Here is his projected keyboard for use with his phone, or tablet … or anything else he wants to plug it into!

He introduced us all to Virtual Reality Goggles. It was almost as much fun watching someone else looking through them as putting them on myself!
Here we are: Me (on the left), then Cindy, Maggie and Len. Not sure how we have joined the ranks of Grandparents and Great-Aunts and Great-Uncle. Seems only yesterday WE were the little ones. 😉 I so enjoyed watching the ‘new little ones’ dancing in the laser lights and singing along to ‘Let it GO’! Lots of good visiting, chats, laughs and family hugs.
Feb 293
When I arrived home there were some loud BRAYS … or in Bella’s case CROAKS … to let me know that I’d been gone long enough and was expected pronto with treats in the paddock! 😉
Feb 295
Rosie had new spots needing scritch scratches and hugs….
Feb 294
Paco and Bella needed me to put their hay ‘just so’ … where they love it best.
Feb 292

… and Darby felt I had some accounting to do for my absence. I just assured her that I’d made arrangements with Mother Nature to hold off any storms until I got home.

It was a wonderful weekend of great family fun. Glad we took the train! No worries about weather and lots of space to spread out and relax. Thanks to Todd and Jessica for bringing everyone together!