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Jan 30001
Gotta love it when a face like this is waiting for you at the paddock gate!
Jan 30002
Rosie makes sure she is directly in my path when I’m doing my chores. She knows she has woven her sweet face directly into my heart strings. How could I possibly resist stopping every time I turn around to give her a good scratch and rub? 😉
Jan 30003
Great to see dusk last until five thirty today. The evening on a day like today is quiet, soft and dreamy. I find myself leaning on my rake just breathing it all in. Winter air sure tastes good on mild nights like these.
Jan 30004
When it’s time to call it a day the herd leads the way. I follow behind with the Bully, ready to tuck everyone in with a goodnight treat. Hope your night is a gentle one too.

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