Golden Day

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Jan 29001

Golden light … on my golden boy! Paco sure is looking healthy these days. He is loving his daily mix of carrots, a bit of grain and turmeric golden paste. He is sleeker, thanks to a successful deworming routine and thanks to his littlest sister who chases him all over the paddock, jumps on his back, nips at his heels and keeps him moving. Although his ‘slurping’ lets me know the growth in his cheek is still there he is eating so well that I’m hoping it is decreasing in size?
Jan 29002
I plowed out the back paddock before lunch. The snow is not very deep but it sure was sticking to everyone’s hooves. I’ve left the bottom paddock because underneath the snowfall is a slick layer of ice. The snow is starting to melt into that and gives a lot more traction. I was delighted this afternoon to see all four donkeys racing up and down the hill, through the woods and in loops in the paddock. They sure are enjoying this milder winter too.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

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