Anxious to Please


Came out of the house yesterday afternoon to find that Darby had been practising her training tricks on her own. Ede thinks the look on her face says, “Okay … I’m ready, bring on the treats!” I think the look says, “I’ve been walking around in this for an hour. Where have you been?!”

3 comments on “Anxious to Please”

  1. Very funny, and very cute!
    Are they still enjoying the fabulous donkey playground you devised? I loved the idea as much as the execution, and I imagine it’s still keeping your fuzzy herd entertained.

    1. Yes, they are still making great use of that. I thought it would get ‘lost in the snow’ this month. Despite the fact that I did NOT shovel it out – the donkeys spend so much time running in and out of it and taking off the ‘toys’ that it is all trampled down and a favourite area to spend time!

      1. Ah, that’s wonderful! Such good fun for them – and for you! Makes me smile just reading about it.

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