By the Light of the Silvery Moon

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Jan 24003
We had the most amazing moonshine last night. I was out doing the afternoon chores when it came up – looming large over the woods hilltop. It is easier to be outside past dusk in the winter. The snow makes everything brighter … and then … a moon like that! The trees were throwing shadows. The snow was sparkling. And the donkeys were bonkers!
Jan 24004
I’ve not been out to see Bella and Darby’s reaction to such a full moon. I didn’t think they noticed things ‘in the sky’. I was wrong! As the moon was coming up over the trees on the horizon Darby kept running to the end of the paddock to stare at it. She’d then flick her tail and toss her head and run like the dickens up through the woods, down to the back paddock, up the hill and back to the fence line where she could get an eyeful of that huge glowing ball in the sky. Bella was right there along for the ride. It is so much fun watching them run so quickly and obviously full of beans! I have known for years now how much such a moon affects their moods. But this was even more than that. This was two jennies playing with delight in the light of the full moon.
Jan 24005
I didn’t have my camera with me then … but I made sure to take pictures of the trees casting shadows when I got back inside. What a lovely night!
Jan 24002
This morning the Blue Jays were waiting for me when I got downstairs. Does this look say, “Where are the peanuts?” to you? 😉

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