Day: January 22, 2016

Donkey Yoga

Jan 22002
It was great to get back to ‘my’ herd today. I will tell you about my ‘hay bale’ experiment in a minute. But first – I had a good chuckle at Bella’s ‘Donkey Yoga’ moves today.
Jan 22004
She was stretching out …
Jan 22003
… and stretching up.
Jan 22005
I think her neck was a little stiff after eating clean THROUGH the centre of this hay bale!
Jan 22001
The logic, mine, was that if I put the hay bale out on its side then the donkeys would not be able to unwind it and get to the core so quickly. They would have to eat through the sides to get to the greenest part – the middle. Just think Oreos. I suppose if I had thought Oreos I would have seen the ‘loop hole’ … so to speak! 😉 I had put the remains of a bale out as I was going to be away for two days. I had the water and the supervision covered… just not someone who I wanted to be lifting and forking hay. Half my plan worked. There was not an entire bale unrolled and spoiled…

One of the best bonuses of coming home are the warm fuzzy Paco hugs required!
Sure is lovely when one of your best friends is furry and four legged! 😉