Meadow Take Out

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Jan 17004
Easy to get a close up of Darby this afternoon. I was perched on the bench with a padding of hay between me and the snow. She was eating the hay – upon which I was perched!
Jan 17006
All of our guys spent the day in their ‘tree fort’. It was snowing steadily. Light and fluffy.
Jan 17005
They seem to like being outside … but out of the snow. The tree fort is perfect on days like this. The tree holds the snow and the wind break keeps it cozy. And I have a bench tucked right back in the thick of things.
Jan 17003
Love listening to them all munching away.
Jan 17001
Meanwhile other Meadow critters were also doing their best to fill up before dark.
Jan 17002
I think the birds have a weather forecaster all their own … they seem to know when a change in the weather is coming. When they flock to the feeders all day long we know a storm is in the offing … or a big chill is coming up. Both are on the radar tonight.

Hope you stayed warm and dry in your neck of the woods!

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