El Nino 0 : The Meadow 1

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Jan 11005Aha! We came out on top today! I sure was wondering what I would wake up to after yesterday’s deluge. When I left the compost bin last night there was a stream flowing right across our laneway, under the bin and into the front paddock. When I stood in it my boots left a wake!
Jan 11001
I cautiously crept out of bed at first light and took a peek out from behind the blinds …
Phew! Sunny … yes. But also from what I could see the front paddock was still there, the Bully Road looked like gravel (as opposed to a waterfall of ice) and the trees were still standing. But most important. The donkeys coats were dry and fluffy and ice free. Although they got wet in the rain they do make good use of the barns and stay together to warm up when it gets colder. They also roll in the woodchips and hay to dry themselves off.
Jan 11002
I was SO GLAD that yesterday I worked hard to clear the paddocks of straw and loose hay. I had all of the manure cleared away. Our tools were hung to dry. The paths and Bully Road were salted. That meant this morning I could clean out the barns and by noon we had fresh wood chips, fresh hay and an ice free world for the donk-a-lonks. Hurray! I’m getting the hang of this.
Jan 11004
There was enough of a wind break in the front paddock that the herd snoozed in the sunshine for most of the afternoon. Rufus kept a close eye on them … or … perhaps it would be better to say he slept where he could have kept a close eye on them. I enjoyed the same spot to get a start on the admin work for the fair board.
Jan 11003
By the afternoon the ‘laundry’ was dry and ready to get packed again for tomorrow’s hay.
Jan 11007
Before we knew it, it was dark again and time to entice everyone back to the barns for the night. They sure are loving the wind break wall under the fir tree. After spending so much time inside yesterday I’m betting they are out there quite a lot this evening.
Jan 11006
It is really nice under there. Like an ‘outdoor tent’ with a fir tree for a ceiling. Not sure if you’ll notice -but I do – that Paco’s ‘belly’ is much slimmer now that he’s managed a dose of dewormer. I think we’ll do another one soon to make sure we get them all. Judging by his interest in butt scratches against the brushes and trees … he needs another helping! He continues to love his twice daily bowl of turmeric mixed with diced carrots and a half cup of grain. He’s moving better, is more lively and even more assertive. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you managed to keep yourself one up on El Nino too!
Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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