Day: January 10, 2016

The Sky is Falling

Jan 10001
A slogging day … slogging wet … slogging mud … slogging slush … slogging hay … and extra heavy manure with all this rain. Holy smokes! The sky is falling! Yesterday I had prepared enough hay bags to last all day today. So early this morning I headed out to make sure all the donkeys were tucked in dry – fed – with water, hugs and a treat to start the day.
Jan 10002
I should have taken pictures then! They were paired up – two in each barn and were dry and happy to wait it out. This afternoon … different story! Rosie is the wanderer. She tends to move from one barn to the other. If someone is hoarding the hay bins she’ll just head to the other side of the paddock to get her own bin. She sure was wet by this afternoon. Darby too is her usual cue-ball self – back and forth – back and forth. It is her job to make sure no one else has it better than she does! 😉
Jan 10b001
I rode the middle of the day out inside. I’m relearning how to crochet. I’ve found a great source for learning new stitches. This is my first square to keep for my ‘crochet encyclopedia’. When I did get back out I spent most of my time down in the front paddock digging little canals to help the water run off before the freeze sets in tonight. We’re going from +5’C to -10’C tonight. The wind shifted to a southerly when I was finishing up at the compost bin. After giving the herd a treat I headed in completely soaked right through my raincoat, sweatshirt, rain pants and jeans. Yikes! As I came up the stairs after hanging everything to dry it seemed awfully … quiet … Sure enough – the rain stopped. Ha!