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Jan 7002
Hey there! This day started off looking like a magical wonderland. There was a thick heavy fog and hoar frost that lasted well into the morning. I have to admit we missed the best show as we slept in. I noticed a number of local friends posting beautiful pictures of the fog hanging over their horses in the fields. And when I did get out our herd was sporting lovely white whiskers!
Jan 7008
I had a lot of jobs on my list. I’d built up thick hay beds in both donkey barns for the cold spell last week. Our compost bin will be emptied tomorrow and the weather is taking a decidedly sharp turn toward even milder temperatures and rain. So I piled the Bully box as high as I could and made a few runs to get it packed to go. The donkeys – being their ever helpful selves – were following me up – and down – and up again. So I putted along slowly. Making sure they could easily keep up. After I reached the far gate with my second load I jumped out … only to realize I had been driving a LONG distance with the Bully box tipped up! Yep – tipped and dropping my hard forked load all along the way! I must have looked pretty funny … Ha! Driving so slowly – looked like I meant what I was doing – according to Ede!
Jan 7004
So I back tracked … and finally found my pitchfork and rake with a good sized pile of the hay on the hillside pretty much where I’d started out!
Jan 7005
Paco assured me that he had tried to catch my attention … but I kept driving away! On my third trip he stayed close enough to catch anything that fell.
Jan 7006
Bella, on the other hand, thought the hay pile on the Bully Road was perfect for a rest-stop sleeping bag. Once I finally got the hay moved I salted the now slippery Bully Road. I hope I can keep it clear so the rain that comes on the weekend doesn’t turn it into a skating rink… The donkeys will not venture out to the front paddock if they have to go over ice … and the front paddock is definitely the best place to spend cold winter days.
Jan 7007
I love how the donkeys just mosey along where ever I’m working. They are awfully patient with my trips back and forth … and back again. They hang out at the hay barn door when I’m filling hay bags. Walk to the barns when I’m laying out new wood chip bedding. Eat and sleep around me while I rake up manure and straw… I swear, this is the BEST daily workout system I’ve ever had. And with such a great support crew!
Jan 7009
Teddy thought it was hilarious that the donkeys are helpful …
Jan 7001
… until I suggested that maybe we should start training him to clean his own litter box. 😉

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