Jerry Rigged

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Jan 3003
All was quiet out in the paddock while I was doing the morning chores. I was contemplating the arrival of the big bad north wind with tomorrow’s weather. The temperature is going to take a real dive for two days.
Jan 3005
Bella, Rosie and Paco had tucked themselves out of the wind for a wee bit of a snooze.
Jan 3004
Got me thinking … how could I make a bigger area out of the wind. The donkeys headed off to the front paddock (where their favourite hay is currently on offer). I remained behind and did a little ‘jerry rigging’ for winter.
Jan 3002
Just as I was finishing I could hear hooves racing over the hill through the woods. The jennies rounded the corner … and screeched to a halt. Something was different…
Jan 3008
Although Darby liked the windbreak … she wasn’t too keen on the flapping of the tarp I had secured to the fence line and old screen house screen sections. Not to mention the stack of pallets that are now jammed between the Condo Barn and the fence and then covered with another tarp to block the west wind.
Jan 3010
Darby: Rosie, can I tell you a secret? There’s a monster behind that tarp!
Jan 3006
Rosie: What!? Is that true Mom?
Jan 3009

Darby: It sounded like a monster!
Jan 3007
Me: Don’t worry Rosie. Just stick close to Paco. He’ll protect you.
Jan 3001
Paco: Or not … this loose hay is tasty. Maybe it should just be for boys. 😉

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