S’no Problem


Dec 30001
Mild and brighter around here today. I love how the snow ‘cleans everything up’! It was great to know that the paddocks were clear and the road plowed and the laneway too. I only realized when I headed for the compost bin that I hadn’t yet plowed that laneway out. Not a problem with my ever ready Bully at hand!
Dec 30002
This afternoon I stomped out trails for the donkeys through the woods. Darby and Bella had made a few forays on their own … but the crust is getting thicker and I think it is rough on their ankles. They certainly wasted no time in following along as I did my ‘tractor tracks’. Remember doing those as a kid, heel to heel with your feet turned out?
Dec 30003
Paco was doing his best to listen carefully in case I said “Snack” when the others were behind us! Love how he can turn his ears one forward and one back!
Dec 30004
By the time dinner rolls around it is hard to come inside! Especially when four pairs of eyes and ears follow me to the fence line and watch as I disappear. What a lovely day around here.

2 comments on “S’no Problem”

  1. Glad you all had such a good day.
    It was so beautiful outside. Had some kids
    here to play with and found out the little
    hill between me and my neighbors home
    makes for a great carpet run!
    Happy New Year to you both!

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