All Prepped and Ready for Snow

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Prep Dec 28004
The more discerning member of our herd was not quite sure what she was seeing in our hay barn this afternoon …

It was neither this … nor that … These get ups are so last year! No, this year I’m in training. You see when I NEED a balaclava they drive me nuts. How can you breathe into a face covered like this without ending up with a headcicle! I need to be able to put up with that though … so … the fall version of 2015 was invented. You see I have to fill hay bags while inside the hay barn because Darby has a tendency to lick up all the dust on the barn floor and then ends up coughing and coughing and coughing …
Prep Dec 28003
I’ve rigged up barriers in both the hay barns so I can be inside … and they can be outside. As you can see they don’t like that! Darby and Bella will try to get in the entire time I’m filling bags …
Prep Dec 28002
Bella will even toss her head at me trying to make SURE I KNOW SHE IS NOT PLEASED! Ha! So … because when “I” fill up the hay bags while in the barn “I” end up coughing and coughing and coughing…… I now look like this …
Prep Dec 28001
That balaclava will be NO PROBLEM after wearing this get up for the last month! 😉

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