The Set Up

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Dec 27th001
Nothing like a Rainy Day Welcoming Committee … well … unless it is a Rainy Day Set Up! Notice who is standing back at the Bully Garage door? There is a reason all three jennies are not standing there.
Dec 27th005
Seems someone tall decided to go through the shelving in the back of the garage. (The Bully is down the road for a tune up.) Now who would do something like that?
Dec 27th003
Rosie: I know! I know! Pick me! Pick me!
Darby: Oh … drats!
Dec 27th002
Darby: I was … I was … hmmm … trying to help Bella put on a raincoat?
Dec 27th004
Does this eye say ‘mischief’ to you? 😉

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