Day: December 26, 2015

In Repose

Boxing Day002
Boxing Day … a good day for a rest … or … some outside chores to wear off yesterday’s pie. (I am a helpless sucker for a pumpkin pie!) While I popped around the donkeys continued to enjoy a sunny day. Two in a row!
Boxing Day001
I love the ‘balancing on one hip’ move the donkeys do when they rest. I once had a high school teacher (an amazing high school teacher) whose grace and dedication to dance had even the likes of me (with two left feet) trying to emulate her every move. Including how she stood with one foot turned out in front of the other in third position (as a ballet dancer would explain it). Yes … you know who you are out there MM!

This afternoon we got to try out CJ’s drone. We headed out to the back field – fewer obstacles out there. While CJ used the master controller I put on the virtual reality goggles that project the view from the camera on board. The Peanut Gallery (aka Ede and Kate) were in stitches. While the drone was up high I found myself leaning over and looking down … down … down … to our village. At times CJ and the drone would be behind me but because the camera was facing a different direction I’d be all turned about in relation to him. Apparently it is very entertaining. 😉 It was interesting to be able to see our house and village from so high up in the air. You can hear it buzzing away up there – not unlike those model airplanes my dad liked to build and fly. Apparently the herd noticed from the front paddock and came out to investigate. They were not the least bit impressed when it headed in their direction!
Boxing Day003
See the snow fence … sounds like it might get a workout next week!