Twinkling … Raindrops


water dropsWe are floating away here! Oh my goodness … it rained SO hard today. This afternoon we got a load of ‘patchwork sand’. Sand to fill in the deep holes Bella and Darby have been digging on the knoll. Tracey came with her BIG truck … and even bravely made a reverse run up the knoll to drop the load right beside the holes.
Right away the donkeys were on the job. Bella started digging even before Tracey left. Ha! The sand suddenly started shooting out at us as we were chatting! Now, if I could just convince her to dig the pile into the holes she has so artfully arranged along the fence line. I’m going to need to get at that tomorrow. Our weather report is forecasting freezing temperatures and perhaps even some snow coming our way by Tuesday. I’ve had experience with how cement hard sand can become once the water in it freezes.
Bellas nose
Bella thinks the idea of a frozen little hillock would be perfect for games of ‘Queen of the Hill’ and just the right size for her to claim as her own. 😉 Still amazed that we were able to do this on December 23rd!

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