And the Rain Kept Coming Down

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Dec 22004
And the rain keeps coming! Which  means Rosie gets very wet when she helps me with the morning chores…
Dec 22002
In the end she decided that she belonged in the Bully Barn …
Dec 22003
… which convinced Paco to move his a$# to the Condo. He needed a little ‘he time’ away from the barn full of jennies!
Dec 22006
All of this was very entertaining to the black squirrel sitting in the oak tree over the barn roof. I swear it sounded like he was laughing while he ate his peanuts. Talk about the ‘peanut gallery’! Even Paco stopped to look back at him.
Dec 22001
I can see that the herd has been hiding either in their barns or under the fir tree for most of the day. It really poured rain this afternoon –  a pounding noisy metal roof rain.
Dec 22005
Everything is soaked. At least it seems the ground is not frozen yet either … so hopefully all this rain is staying put and not just running off to the creek. I don’t like the sounds of ‘open winter – dry summer’ when it comes to trying to grow a good hay crop. Funny what we’ve learned over these past few years having donkeys in the family! Stay dry where ever you are. And Merry ‘Almost’ Christmas from the Meadow. xo

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