That Bale is SO Yesterday

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Dec 20004
Well, it seems the herd took no time at all to whittle down the heart of the bale I put out for them two days ago. It is now a nice cozy …
Dec 20005
BED! Bella snuggled up in the hay – rubbing her nose in it – rolling in it – laying on her side – and then she fell asleep snoring to beat the band! 😉
Dec 20006

I wonder if the donkeys ever fall totally asleep? Bella can be snoring one minute and then totally alert the next. While she slept here the other three were standing further down the paddock snoozing on all fours. I had the chance to sit right down in beside her and relax in a spot of sunshine. Quite nice!
Dec 20003
Paco has had a really good day today. He wasn’t yawing nearly as much and ate along with the rest throughout the day. He sure loves the taste of the Golden Paste mixed in with his cup of carrots and grain. I noticed when I took the bowls out this afternoon that I couldn’t find the ‘yellow stained’ one … I had all four bowls … I figured it out later. After everyone is finished their treat I collect the bowls and slide them under the gate. At that point Paco’s bowl is canary yellow. Shortly after I noticed that Darby had deftly pulled the bowls back into the paddock and licked that turmeric stained bowl clean white! I guess she likes that flavour too!
Dec 20002
Having the extra hay in the front paddock to finish off meant I packed extra hay bags when I did the morning chores. That means tomorrow, before breakfast, all I need to do is grab four and clip them into the feed bins. Not only do I find I appreciate the smell of good hay. I also enjoy the sight of an array of full hay bags!
Dec 20001
I mentioned that I’d found a Facebook group called ‘Only Donkeys’… I think I did …? Through that group I discovered an app called SuperPhoto. (It is the reason I ended up reinstalling Windows 10 … and all of my software this past week. SuperPhoto did not cause any problems. It was just that I wanted to use the Windows 10 version … and my machine had had an argument with that system. All is straightened up now.) That app is entertaining, smart and addictive!! With one click you can turn any of your photos into paintings. And that is using the free version. There are also, literally, thousands of other filters offered. Well worth a visit if you are a photo buff. I think you’ll likely see a few results floating by on my posts.

Happy Christmas Week everyone!

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