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Dec 19001It’s here. The ‘stayed all day’ snow. I KNOW it is a bother to get off the car, off the porch, off the laneway … But I will admit to a little bit of excitement when I peeked out the window at six o’clock this morning to see the roof covered in white! Perfect timing for the kids and teachers starting their holiday here in Ontario. The donkeys … not as impressed.
Dec 19002
There is a great spot out of the northwest wind just beside the ‘Condo’ in our back paddock. There we were. The five of us. Each doing their job. Donkeys eating – me scratching and smooging. šŸ˜‰
Dec 19004
Earlier I was wishing I was wearing some kind of head camera. I had taken each of the jennies into the Bully Barn to do some clicker training games. I take them each in separately so there isn’t competition for the reward treats. Darby has been enchanted with the hula hoop – especially if I stand it up between the slats of the bench. She will pick it up and then drop it somewhere else in the paddock. I was using the hoop as the ‘target’ in today’s games. Meaning, if touched it lead to a treat. Darby wasĀ way past that stage. She would pick it up from where ever I put it in the barn and then give it to me. Great fun! The catch … how toĀ finish theĀ game! Ā Later, while I had my back to Darby as I finished the choresĀ I was nudged from behind. I turned to find that Darby had managed to somehow drag the hoop back into reach (I had slid it under the gate to put it ‘away’) . She had picked it up in her mouth and carried it all the way across the paddock to bump me with it. A very direct way to say, “And another treat please!”
Dec 19003
Sending you wintry hugs from the Meadow Mice!

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