One Step at a Time

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Rosie Garage004It was getting dark … not that that meant it was late at all … just 4:21. I’ve been setting aside time each afternoon to just indulge myself in visiting with the donk-a-lonks. I get the heavy lifting chores done in the morning, have the hay bags ready to go for the afternoon … saving time for a little more training. Rosie loves when she sees I’m ready for some ‘clicker training games’. With last months marathon of medications for Darby and Paco –  patience – (theirs and mine) – began to run a little thin.
Rosie Garage002
So I brought back out the halters and the ropes … thinking I’d start with Darby. She was having none of that. Not to fear. Good old Rosie still dives into any halter she can. She loves to go for walks. She loves to explore … So I figured, hey, she could come with me to get some of the dried apple chunks for everyone else.
Rosie Garage001
Hmmm… come to think of it. Rosie was never one to go into the garage in the summer. That was Paco and Darby. Seemed that cement door step was a challenge. No worries – there is no challenge that isn’t overcome by the realization the treat bins are in there. My photographer had to leave before Rosie felt safe enough to come on in. It really didn’t take too long.
Rosie Garage003
Meanwhile, out in the dark paddock Darby realized her mistake. What! We would have gone to the treat bins?! When Rosie and I returned we shared them around. Then I decided to move the hay bins into the barns for the night. As I finished I looked out to see … Darby furtively glancing back at me from outside the paddock. She had pulled a great fast one! She quietly – and I mean silently – lifted the chain from the gate and realized I had forgotten to clinch the clasp! She actually softly placed the chain down against the fence post, gently pushed the gate open just enough to slip through and was glancing back to see where I was when she realized I was watching. Who knew donkeys could look sheepish! and determined! at the same time. Ha! She did get her walk into the garage – she did get a treat – and … phew … she did walk serenely back into the paddock with me. The little stinker!

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