Black and White

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Rainy December006There have been some great posts going around between friends on Facebook today … about how many flowers are still blooming in our woods and gardens. Periwinkle blooms are out … again… or still …?
Rainy December011
Our grass is green. I’ve been working outside just wearing a t-shirt. The squirrels are amorously chasing each other in circles up and down the oak trees. The lakes are open. We’ve broken temperature records set in the 1940’s -day after day.
Rainy December005
I sure hope the people working at the Paris Climate Conference are able to get past rhetoric and onto things that will make a difference. And I hope that “we” – as in we Meadow creatures – human and animal – can manage to make the changes we need to as well. I’ve been reading lots this year about Climate Change. Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” for example … and yet … I am hard pressed to describe exactly what I need to do. Crazy, isn’t it? At times I feel like tossing my hands up in the air and saying, “We’ve got to dump the whole system of civilization we’ve developed and start again!” … and then … I think about my granddaughters … and I think again. I hope we don’t wait too long and end up with choices that are more black and white – survive – or not.

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